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Hing Kee Java Edible Bird's Nest Company Limited("HKJEBN") was established in 1998. In the early days, it was started as a 500 square feet of bird's nest specialty store in a commercial building at Causeway Bay, and now has developed into a large-scale chain store within the industry. It is said that the company reaches 1,000,000 visits by customers every year with annual sales of approximately 1 billion+ of Hong Kong dollars.

The company has branches all over Hong Kong and Macau. Details of branch addresses can be found at:


1. Reason for becoming an upper floor store
2. Service commitment
3. The history of development

3.1. The spread of the new model

4. Product menu
5. First in the market

5.1. "Eight days leave per month" to create a precedent for retailing industry
5.2. Transparent prices

6. Related news

6.1. A case of fake and genuine bird's nest
6.2. The appearance of fake HKJEBN

7. External links
8. Office address and contact method
9. Contact person of each department



HKJEBN logo and website

  Company Type   Private Company  
Founded in 1998
Headquarters Hong Kong, China
Company Motto "Customers and quality always come first"
Industry Type Specialty store for Bird's nest, Chinese cordyceps, Dried seafood, International food products
Official Website
Reason for becoming an upper floor store
Service commitment
The history of development
Product menu
First in the market
Related news
External links
Office address and contact method
Contact person of each department

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